Edible Landscapes

Every outdoor space, no matter the size, has the potential to produce food. Homesteading Marin specializes in bringing together the form of beautiful gardens with the function of producing food, herbal medicine, and habitat for wildlife. Depending on the client’s needs and the specifics of the site, we can integrate edible plants into an existing landscape, or redesign the entire site to maximize food production in a beautiful way that includes space for recreation and enjoyment.

Vegetable Gardens

Marin County has an ideal climate to grow an abundance of food year-round, and there is nothing more satisfying that harvesting a homegrown meal from your backyard. Growing local, organic vegetables provides health and environmental benefits, and wonderful learning opportunities for families to reconnect to their food source.

Food Forest

A food forest is a low-maintenance gardening system that incorporates perennial food-producing plants like berries, nuts and tubers between and under the canopy of trees. Include plants that attract beneficial insects and build healthy soil. A food forest becomes a self-organized system providing for its own pollination, pest management, and soil health.


For clients interested in redesigning their landscape, we work with leading craftsmen to integrate features such as patios, outdoor kitchens, water features, terraces, retaining walls, and pathways into our edible landscapes.